Access Card Cloning

Access card cloning,Phantom Mode

Many schools and companies across the country use a key card entry system to give employees access to work buildings.

However a $30 tool can put a company’s security at risk. A few inches and a couple seconds, and your identity can be stolen–at least your key card identity.

Key cards are still the most common way companies allow entry for their employees. Key cards are supposed to be secure, but retailers overseas are threatening that security with a fairly cheap device.

Selling for about $30 online, card copiers are designed to steal your information. Schools can be especially susceptible.

These copying devices are so inexpensive now, students can get their hands on them, and there could be all kinds of repercussions there.

There’s really no regulatory method for stopping the production of these card copiers overseas. It’s up to you to protect yourself. PPP bag gives you Proper Privacy Protection Anti-Cloning once your scan card is in PPP Bag.

Since you need to be six inches away from someone to copy their entry card, it likely won’t be a stranger on the street, but could very well be an unsuspecting co-worker. That’s why it’s hard to catch the copier.

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