Our Approach

At Phantom Mode, safeguarding your private information is our business.

Our Proper Privacy Protection bags (PPP bags) and focus on preventative education, give consumers peace of mind and protection from a wide range of cyber-attacks, including hacking, relay car theft, and malicious tracking applications.

We believe that “good offence is the best defence”!

Our Story

Most people are unaware of how exposed their private information and data are on cellular mobile devices. Devices may unintentionally link to unsecured WiFi networks, leaving them open and vulnerable to malware, tracking or monitoring. 

Phantom Mode offers high-quality, military-grade radio frequency shielding Privacy Protection Bags (PPP bags) designed to keep your wireless devices safe.

PPP bags block WiFi, Bluetooth, cell signals, GPS, RFID, NFC, and radio signals, offering anti-hacking and anti-tracking protection. They also protect your vehicles from theft and shield passports and credit cards from skimming.

Phantom Mode uses only the highest quality materials and industry-leading manufacturing techniques throughout the entire line of military-grade device shielding products.

Protecting your private data is our business!