• Faraday bag with iphone, smart watch, passport, credit card
  • PPP Bags are light weight and portable, and easy to use!
  • Specially designed ballistic nylon exterior with two layers of military grade RF shielding material
  • Cell phones, key fobs, and GPS are completely blocked from potentially disruptive radio frequency signals when placed inside the PPP bag
  • PPP bags block all cell signals, RFID signals, NFC signals, Wi-Fi, GPS, satellite and Bluetooth frequencies
  • Protects you from EMF Radiation
  • PPP Bags protect digital devices during travel
  • Prevent corporate espionage during meetings
  • Prevent access to ID’s and passports
  • Prevent access to car keys/key fobs
  • Protect banking and credit cards
  • PPP Bags prevent intelligence officers from being digitally tracked or followed
  • ‘Assets’ (e.g. cell phones, laptops, tablets,..) are protected from being tracked during sensitive meetings
  • Prevent remote access of seized evidence and intelligence
  • Prevent tracking of critical evidence/ remote wiping of devices
  • Prevent mobile phones from being used as remote bugging devices
  • PPP Bags protect your car key fob!
  • Signal-blocking materials in our PPP Bags will stop your key fob from transmitting its code, and prevent crooks from being able to access your car! (e.g Relay Attack)
  • PPP Bags prevent officers from being digitally tracked or followed
  • Prevent informants from being digitally tracked or followed
  • Ensure that critical evidence stored on mobile phones, tablets and laptops, cannot get remotely accessed
  • Prevent remote wiping of data on digital devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops.
  • A suspicious object can be placed into a frequency free space of an PPP Bag, which can prohibit the activation of explosive’s detonators.
  • Key fobs
  • Building access cards
  • Credit cards
  • Smart phones
  • Smart watches
  • GPS Transmitters
  • WiFi cards
  • Thumb drives

How To Use The PPP Bag

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  • 3g/ 4g/ 5g/ blocker, rfid blocker, gps / wifi blocker, bluetooth blocker, relaying blocker

Cellphone Compromise


Digital Pickpocketing


Relay Attack


Access Card Cloning


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